Friendliness and social warmth characterize relations at Tobiano. This housing, golf course and waterfront development offers a lifestyle full of special little extras and venues ideal for gathering, socializing, and forming new friendships.  On warm summer nights, neighbours listen to live music and toast to happy occasions on the deck at The Black Iron Grill at the ever-popular community socials.  Backyard barbecues and prairie-inspired “garage parties” have been known to draw a crowd for less informal get-togethers. And as the setting sun accentuates the luminous hues of the red soil, grey-green sagebrush and deep blue lake, some choose to gather around the simple warmth and comfort of a bonfire at the lake front park.

“Not only does the spectacular view never get old, but the community is fantastic! What a tight knit lovely group of people who made us feel at home from the moment we moved in.” – Quinn Savage, Tobiano Resident