About Kamloops Lake


The Tobiano Development is perched on the red rock bluffs above the shores of Kamloops Lake. The lake provides a stunning backdrop and many recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

Kamloops Lake is 29 km long, 1.6 km wide and up to 152 metres deep. It is really a “widening and deepening of the river”. It is fed by both the North and South Thompson River. Kamloops Lake is a warm lake, gathering its heat as the South Thompson drains from the Shuswap. 60 percent of the annual flow occurs in early summer when lake levels can rise as much as 30 feet. With 60 km of shoreline, the beach area is extensive and can expand as much as 200 feet in mid to late summer.

The water replenishes on a mean average of every 60 days. The residence time (average age of the water) is 20 to 340 days versus, for example, Okanagan Lake which is 52.8 years.

There are very few residential subdivisions on the lake making it a quiet lake for boat traffic. Tobiano is home to the only marina and gas dock on the lake.

Kamloops Lake has a reputation for great trout fishing as demonstrated by the 7 pound bull trout caught this fall by one of our residents. 12 more trout were caught and released by this fisherman on the same day. The lake is also popular for sailing, boating and watersports. Doug Smith talks about the paddling opportunities in his post on Kamloops Trails.

Enjoy this 15 second capture of the lake and marina.

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And finally, a couple of lot features to ponder. It’s a beautiful place to call home.