Tobiano is governed by the Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD).  The TNRD and other government authorities are responsible for curbside collection of garbage and recycling, 911, police protection, ambulance, library, school bus, hospital, and regulatory services including building permits and inspections.

The Tobiano Resort Association contracts out road (Argo), sidewalk, and boulevard maintenance, including snow removal.  A resort association fee, established by Tobiano, is billed directly to homeowners by the TNRD to cover these expenses.  Tobiano has its own volunteer fire department.

Gas and hydro are supplied by Fortis and BC Hydro. TV, internet and telephone is provided through third party companies.

Water and sewer services are provided by Corix Utilities.  Corix brings experience, stability and a cost-effective approach to delivering these services within the community.